Dyana Francis Remembers Linda

The Turtle Message:
It reminds us to be grateful for the abundance bestowed daily upon us.  You have learned to pace yourself and gain an intuitive knowledge.

She may have started as a turtle but she flies with the EAGLES now! In her time of passing she was so glad she was able to see everyone.  She knew why they came; AND SHE LOVED IT! she woud say the house is full of love. [momma] And she made sure everyone knew about it.

Linda fought till the very end, just like she said she would!  Linda told me that the best thing she ever did was "to marry MY Daniel and have our two daughters".

Eagle Message:
It is offering you gifts of courage and freedom.

Fly like an Eagle soaring high
Lift our prayers taking flight
Cry like an eagle soaring high
Lift our spirit on wings light

On February 7,2001 , Linda's Mom Ade Mae Francis, Brother Ron Francis and cousin Donna Harris went to put flowers on Dad's grave and a rose for Linda.  When they were done they looked up and there were two eagles flying together.

There are no boundaries
when it comes to love!!
Even in a coma
love ya, comes out!!

And that is the message she wants you to know.
Linda, I Love you

The night Linda passed away there was a bright red sunset, and the Moon had a halo around it.


Back in 1997 Linda and my Mom were told that they had Cancer, less than 12 hours apart.  That summer I was alone at home when out of nowhere a voice said that it was time to finish the picture I had started in 6th grade.  But I said "Ya right, where would it be?" Then I said "You show me where it is and I will draw up what I have left to do in it, if you want me to finish this, I will be your tool."  I also said "I will close my eyes and when I open them I will be ready."  When I opened my eyes I saw what HE drew for you!!  Please take this as a gift, as I did, and enjoy it also.

My Mom died in 1998, but this picture gave her peace of mind and did the same for Linda.  She asked God everyday to watch over her.

It's a picture of Jesus from the eyes down.  I believe he lives and may this picture be a healing for you. Whoever sees this I Love You!!



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