Meredith Bretz

Many years ago I found a card with some words that really touched me when I
had lost another friend.  I have always wished that I had copied it because I could never really remember the words, just remembered the thought.  This last week I came up with what I can remember.  So, the author of this is unknown but if you feel it is something that should be on the website, here it is.

Garden of Life

 In the Garden of Life
Is an old rock wall
Which has seen many
Days and nights pass by

 Nestled against the wall
Is a twisted web of dry vines,
Which just like life itself,
It has many twists and turns

 The beginning and ends
Of the vine appear
To be lost within the web,
All except for one…

 One seeking branch has found an
Opening in the wall ,
Beginning a new journey,
A new life

 If we could see on the other side,
We would see the branch has flourished
And tucked within green , healthy vines
Is the most beautiful rose of all



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