Sue Krogman Remembers Linda

"My favorite memory of Linda is from when we were kids.  Linda and her family would drive the 1800 miles to Nebraska to visit us.  Every night, until way after dark, Linda and her two brothers and I and my brother would play either "hide and seek" or "red light - green light".  Most of the time our parents would have to drag us into the house when it was time to come in.  We never found her when she hid, and when playing "red light - green light" I always remember Linda being the traffic light!  Seems that since she was the oldest - that was the way it worked.....hmmmmm, suppose we missed something there?

We lost touch through the years, both of us getting our families raised - then low and behold -- who would have thought that the only two girls in the bunch would end up being the Harley riders............So, cuz, this is for you.....

In Heaven.......

There are no leathers or helmets, no rules to abide;
No fears or sickness, no reason to hide.
Only sunshine and roses, a chair by God's side;
Cool breezes and a Harley, for that eternal ride.....

In very loving memory,

Sue Krogman
Frontier Harley Davidson HOG 
Lincoln, Nebraska

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